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Workshop about a career in total uncertainty.

"How not to lose yourself and your trajectory when it's stormy."  


(entry dated May 7, 2022, duration 2 hours 16 minutes)


The world has changed again, plans need to be rewritten. 

How do you not lose yourself and your real goals? 

Are there ways to reassemble, refind, redefine?


These questions also apply to those professionals who have already had to change something in the new reality, and those who just got into an emotional storm and felt that the old clear guidelines had fallen off. 


Key words of this workshop: two-part resilience formula, burnout from change, control paralysis, metastrategy, authorship, survival mode, the north star model, personal support manifestation algorithm, the inner team method.


Payment by RF card does not work yet, but there is a fallback option - directly to the dog shelter in Volgograd. To do this, transfer 1200 r to the Sberbank card 4276 1609 5760 8632 (Olga Viktorovna Marinina), then write to me in telegram @lena_rezanova, and I will send you a record. 

How not to lose yourself and your trajectory when it's stormy.

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