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Career fulfilment is the central theme of my work. As a career strategist with over ten years of practice, I write, speak, teach, consult, and coach on this topic.


At an individual level, I work with high-achievers helping them to understand what their next "why" is, what their authentic working identity is, how to invest their lives with meaning, how to craft a career that feels like a fit with who they are, how to fulfil their potential, and how to obtain more ownership and freedom.


I also help companies better understand their employees and develop a workplace culture that fosters employee engagement, enthusiasm, and fulfilment.

As an executive coach, I help leaders and entrepreneurs build their own authentic working identities and bring more of their best selves to work, which creates a ripple effect and makes their organisations a better place for people.

I want to do my part to make our workplaces more humane. The paradigm of professional success is gradually shifting away from one that fosters burnout culture and workplace unhappiness toward a more balanced and people-centred approach, and I want to contribute to that.

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