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Sat, 11 Dec



8 Techniques for Adjusting Annual Goals to Self-Realization Tasks

11/12 at 11 Moscow time

Время и место

11 Dec 2021, 09:00 – 11:00 CET


О событии

You are familiar with the situation when a lot has been done in a year (or maybe the annual goals have been met to one and all), but don’t you feel happier and more fulfilled?

This means that your goals were set without regard to self-realization. That isyourselfthey were not enough - your uniqueness, your meanings, your potential.

This is the norm. This is solvable. Your annual goal-setting can be adjusted to the tasks of self-realization.

The word "tuning" means that I'm not advocating breaking your usual approach to goal setting. I suggest adding other optics to it, and several techniques and tools, namely:

  • you will learn how to make an up-to-date cut of your professional interests with just one trick,
  • we'll talk about the costs of hypermotivation,
  • we'll check the internal script,
  • learn and apply role decomposition,
  • you will learn a three-step algorithm for checking goals for meanings (your meanings, which is important),
  • discuss the importance of opportunity goals and “state goals”,
  • I will tell you about blocking overcontrol (a term from logotherapy),
  • and we will also learn 2 techniques that will help navigate the path through the complete incomprehensibility and uncertainty in which we all now live.

The material is not loading, but vice versa - unloading. My task is not to complicate your life, but to simplify it.

But most importantly, I hope that the year will begin with the right goals, in which there will be more self-realization, more you, more authorship. Shall we try?

Technically, this will be a regular zoom webinar - with slides, inspired by the speaker in the window, a chat for comments and questions and answers.

Duration 1.5 hours, then questions - everything about everything 2 hours. The record will be.

The price is 10 euros.

Join now!

(if you don't receive an email immediately after registration, check your spam. If there's nothing there, please honk me athello@elena-rezanova.comor on telegram @lena_rezanova)


  • webinar with recording





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