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Sun, 26 Sept


week of practice + lecture


September 26 - October 2

Время и место

26 Sept 2021, 00:00 CEST – 02 Oct 2021, 04:00 CEST

week of practice + lecture

О событии

“What if there is no pleasure, does not light what I do?”

“How do I figure out what turns me on?” What job has energy for me?

"What's mine, what's not mine?"

In this workshop there will be no abstract "work" or some abstract "pleasure" from it - it will be research about you. My task is to arrange for you such a process of self-knowledge / introspection, so that at the end you understand a few important things about your features and internal settings that make you you.


1) understand or rethink:

  • What do you like and dislike about work?
  • whether there is something that is yours and what is not yours (or something from the category given or not given)
  • What can you change to feel more joy in what you do?

2)  ...well, enjoy studying yourself and observing other people) And this works great too - until you see how others do the same tasks, you won't understand yourself.


5 days of exercises and unboxing webinar on Saturday.

ATSundaywe're going to chat. We will be doing exercises all week.from 27/09 to 02/10(Monday through Friday). Every morning in our telegram chat I will post an exercise for which you will have a whole day. This is intended to be a very relaxed mode, allowing you to work efficiently and at a leisurely pace.

Then on SaturdayOctober 2   at 10 Moscow timewe will meet at the webinar to sort everything out and understand what to do next with this information.

How long will the workshop take?

Daily exercises will take 15-20 minutes (written part), the webinar on Saturday will take 2 hours. It can be visited in real time or viewed in recording.


Limited number of seats.

Join now!

(Important! If you didn’t receive an email a few minutes after registration, check your spam. If the email isn’t there, write to @lena_rezanova in telegram)


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