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Sat, 12 Feb


theory + week of working out techniques

Nonlinear Productivity

theory + week of practicing techniques

Время и место

12 Feb 2022, 09:00 – 11:00 CET

theory + week of working out techniques

О событии

This workshop contains (and shelved) all the productivity techniques that I callnon-linear.What it is?

Linear productivity is when good work results are associated with effort, discipline, time. When we try to squeeze as much out of ourselves as possible, even in brain fatigue mode. Linearity here islink "voltage - result".

Non-linear productivity is another bundle, when the result comes not through effort, but through more competent access to one's resource. 

In non-linear productivity there is a wholeset of techniques and practices, which I will talk about: defocus, distancing, autopilot, "strategic absent-mindedness", ungrouping, default mode, exits (outputs from the task), controlled procrastination, periscope and others.

Don't confuse non-linear productivity with slowing down and losing great results. We are talking aboutactive waybe in the task. About active, but ... different. We were not taught this. 

I mentioned this in lectures on burnout and energy at work, but these were fragments, and now I decided to systematically convey all the materials accumulated over the past years and give you time to work on the most key techniques. Allput on shelvesand let's try.

The load in the seminar will not be high, compatible with any intensity of work. 


- people who often work in the regimeintellectual challenge- who needs to analyze, invent, find new solutions, work with complex problems - that is, work with their heads;

- to everyone who feels"decreasing returns"that is, when more and more time and effort are needed for one unit of result;

-cool achievers- because it will allow them to try a different way to achieve cool.


Saturday 12/02from 9 to 11 in Monaco (11-13 Moscow time)theoretical part,

then with14/02 to 19/02 - practical part, consisting of micro-tasks for every day, with the opportunity to discuss your feelings (will be held in the telegram channel of the seminar).

Price€15(registration included, participation in the working week included, access to materials for 3 months)

IMPORTANT! If you haven't received a confirmation email within 10 minutes, check your spam. If there is nothing there, write to telegram @lena_rezanova or email


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