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Wed, 04 Nov



"Professional crisis. What to do?" lecture-analysis

November 4 11:30 Moscow time

"Professional crisis. What to do?" lecture-analysis
"Professional crisis. What to do?" lecture-analysis

Время и место

04 Nov 2020, 09:30 CET


О событии

Feeling that energy has gone out of work. 

Stream disappeared. 

You force yourself to do what might have been interesting a year ago. 

You cannot find the answer to the question why you are doing this. 

Increasingly, there are thoughts of changing everything. In general, everything.

At the same time, it seems that you are the only one, and the rest know what they are doing and where they are going. 

If this is about you, come to the debriefing lecture - my new format, which will consist of 1/3 of the theory and 2/3 of the analysis of your questions and situations. 

What's the plus? Not only in the ability to "unpack" the theory, but also to see other situations, to understand how it happens with others, what thoughts, doubts, problems they have. Sometimes this alone works better than five lectures put together. 

Questions can be sent in different ways (for example, there is an option where you can keep the author of the question anonymous), instructions are waiting for you in the org letter.

The format assumes the video presence of the participants, so the NUMBER OF SEATS IS LIMITED. 

The duration is 1.5 hours (but it’s better to reserve 2, most likely we’ll talk :). Starting at 11:30 Moscow time 

There will be a recording, but it is much more interesting to be in the moment. Waiting for you! 


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