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Sat, 06 Feb


week of practice + lecture

Work that energizes. Workshop on your individual settings

February 1-6

Время и место

06 Feb 2021, 09:00 CET

week of practice + lecture

О событии


"What turns me on?"

“What activity has energy for me?”

“What do I really like and what don’t?”

"What makes my eyes burn?"

If these are your questions, then perhaps you feel that you lack energy and pleasure in what you are doing (or maybe even think that you are doing the wrong thing).

Or everything is fine, but you want to better understand yourself, your individual settings for work that brings pleasure and in which you show your strengths without over-effort - simply because you are you.

PURPOSE of the workshop:

1) understand or rethink:

  • What do you like and dislike about work?
  • what determines your energy exchange with work, what kind of work makes your eyes burn
  • what can be changed to feel more high/joy from what you do
  • and why is it not enough now, what is wrong

2) ... well, and enjoy exploring yourself and observing other people)

(Important - if you are now in such severe burnout that you feel hatred and rejection of work, the workshop may not be useful, because this state will interfere with the research mood.)


Research + unpacking.

We will do the exercises all week from February 1 to February 5 (from Monday to Friday). Every morning in our telegram chat I will post an exercise for which you will have a whole day to “think about”. This is intended to be a very relaxed mode, allowing you to work efficiently and at a leisurely pace.

Then, on Saturday, February 6 at 11 Moscow time, we will meet for a webinar to analyze the exercises you have done, unpack their meanings and understand what to do next with this information.

How long will the workshop take?

Daily exercises will take 15-20 minutes (written part), the webinar on Saturday will take 2 hours. It can be visited in real time or viewed in recording.

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