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Mon, 20 Jun



Self-Determination 2.0

Время и место

20 Jun 2022, 09:00 CEST – 25 Jun 2022, 11:00 CEST


О событии

Self-determination 2.0 will be about the same questions - Who am I? What is really important to me? The task is the same -  a deeper understanding of oneself. But we will look at you from a different angle than in the first module of the workshop, using other interesting frameworks.

We will analyze:

  • Three levels of adult professional identity development and the hidden dynamics of these levels;
  • How at different levels (stages) there is an approach to the real self (true self);
  • Why we outgrow our results and our roles, where does the craving for change come from, even if everything is fine;
  • How transitions from one level to another take place, why the search for oneself at different stages occurs through conceptually different requests;
  • How big changes test us for strength, what is "inevitable turbulence";
  • At what stage are you now, what is the next one, how will you understand that a new transformation has begun;
  • …and not only.

The webinar will start with a small case study, then we will move on to the exercises and the theory/concepts related to different aspects of what we have dug.

You will have the opportunity to rethink your story using the proposed framework and get to know your current stage of self-discovery much better. I will give recommendations on how to use all this in practice right now, what next steps can grow from this understanding.

All the material of the second module is absolutely new, I have not yet shared it either in books or in interviews.

by format:

Self-Determination 2.0 follows the same model - all week long exercise of the day, then unpacking.

Beginning exercises on the morning of June 20, webinar on Saturday June 25 at 9 Monaco. The record will be.

The price is 18 euros. 

payment from Russia:

if your card does not pass, write to me on telegram @lena_rezanova, there are options for this case.

About PayPal - this is also an option, pay 18 euros to, but be sure to write to me about it (because the system will not see you among the participants)


  • ticket with a record





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