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Mon, 06 Sept


week of practice + lecture

Self-determination. Workshop on who you are

September 5 - 11

Время и место

06 Sept 2021, 00:00 CEST – 11 Sept 2021, 00:00 CEST

week of practice + lecture

О событии

"Who am I?"

"What makes me me?"

"What do I really want?"

These are the questions we ask ourselves at any stage of our career.

It would seem that something complicated. Who better than ourselves to know who we are.

But try to hear yourself in all this semantic noise from inside and outside, behind all the events of our career, under the standards surrounding us, expectations, problems, fears, requirements of employers, our own dreams and our own mistakes, after all.

Perhaps, like many, your identity has become fused with your current activity or position, and you have long been bogged down in a formula like “I = my current job” and have no idea who you are outside of this formula.

I decided to make this workshop so that you can approach the answer to the question "who am I" from different angles andbring yourself back to the center of your story. To remind you of you.

All discoveries and realizations you will collect inself-map, which will decompose the answers to the questions of the workshop into an understandable map, consisting of three blocks - past, present and future.

In addition, you will look at your history of self-determination with different eyes, what influenced (and influences now) and you will recognize the traps that prevent you from seeing your true potential.

Who is this workshop for?

… for those who ask themselves all these questions indicated at the beginning;

…and also for those who feel that they have outgrown what they once understood about themselves;

...and also for those who understand that they are walking in a vicious circle and do not know how to break it.

Everyone will leave with their own result, and they will be different. It depends on the depth at which you are currently working, what path you have already traveled in understanding yourself. Someone will get the last missing pieces of the puzzle and see the whole composition, someone will just start collecting the first fragments. In all cases, it will be interesting.

As it will be?

The workshop is divided into two stages - exercises and a final lecture.

We will do all the exercisesweek from 6 to 10 September, Monday through Friday. Every morning in the telegram chat I will send you the exercise of the day (on average, it will take 15 minutes or even less to complete it).  But you will have to live with this question all day - a great opportunity to get to the answer!

In the evenings I will send another question - it will take only a minute to answer it. You'll like it)

Then,Saturday September 11 at 10 amwe will meet at the webinar to review the exercises you have done and understand why you did them and what answer they led you to.

How long will the practice take?

Daily exercises will take 15-20 minutes (written part), the webinar on Saturday will take 2 hours. It can be visited in real time or viewed in recording.

Dreams come true when you are true.


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