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Sat, 21 Nov


At 11 Moscow time

Recession. Recovery and regrouping


Время и место

21 Nov 2020, 09:00 CET

At 11 Moscow time

О событии

You should not enter into changes on a decline, on a burnout.  By change, I mean any new one - a change of employer or position, a change in the format of work (from hiring to your project), as well as a change in the professional field. When there is no strength, when burned out - you can’t go into a new one like that. It's like going camping with a broken leg.

And the question arises -but what to do?How to lie in the direction of a dream if there is no strength to go?

How to recover and regroup before your new turn? How to get together? How to dig out from under the rubble, and not dig even deeper?

This question is asked to me almost every day, and I realized that we must finally collect in one place the entire list of options, from which everyone can take something for themselves. Therefore, I collected and systematized them (it turned out more than 30) -what to do and what not to do to get out of recession. The whole lecture is the answer to this question.

As for not doing it, it's important. Not doing is also an effective way. For example, lying in the direction of a dream is just a variant of not doing, only it needs to be not done correctly. 

I prepared this material taking into account the fact that the audience that came to this topic most likely does not have enough strength for options like “go in for sports and start a hobby”. I was in a burnout and I know that in this state, such advice does not cause anything but longing and a feeling of even greater impotence. More realistic solutions are needed. Therefore, the lecture will notno options for action through efforts. 

My ambitious goal  - is for you to come out with the feeling that there are many ways in which people managed to return to themselves, that is, to their normal state. Hopefully, among this range of options, you will hear one that works for you. After all, each of us has an individual profile of burnout - and exit from it.

The format is a lecture-walk that you have already fallen in love with.

That is, you do not need to sit and look at the screen. Listen to me in any place convenient for you, doing what you decide. The lecture is compatible with any physical activity, from jogging to cooking dinner.

You will need a zoom on your phone, headphones and internet. After the lecture, you will receive a summary with the main points, so it is not even necessary to take notes. Questions can be asked via chat.

Beginning at 11 Moscow time.Duration 1 hour and another 30 minutes for thoughts and questions.


(Important - the chapter "Burnout" is not repeated in the lecture, so I recommend reading it separately.)


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