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Sat, 27 Feb


week of practice + lecture

VECTOR. Workshop on choosing a focus

February 20-27

Время и место

27 Feb 2021, 09:00 CET

week of practice + lecture

О событии

We will look for the answer to the question "WHERE", namely, what topic to choose as the focus of my further development, what professional goal to determine.

The format is familiar to you: self-exploration exercises + unpacking webinar.

The workshop has two audiences:

1) Those who have outgrown the current framework in their profession, and did not understand in which direction they have grown)  Who wants to aim more clearly, clarify their professional interests and choose a focus on development;

2) Those who are generally in the open field,  - dropped out of the old, the new is not yet on the horizon. Hypotheses are vague, or they do not exist at all.

The exercises are designed with the first audience (A1) in mind, but with an eye to the benefit of the second (A2). For some exercises, A2 will have breaking and resistance, so they can be performed at will.

The result will also be different. 

The main objective of the workshop is to study your professional topics and priorities within them, 

maximum task - aiming (clarification of professional goals), 

minimum task (for A2) - expanding horizons. 

It will be useful in any assembly.

Start of active work of the chat - February 20

Exercises - February 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

Lecture - February 27 at 11 Moscow time, (2 hours). The record will be.

If you didn’t receive a confirmation letter after payment, write to me in telegram direct @lena_rezanova


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