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Change. Why will you succeed

lecture recording from September 24

Время и место

Time has not yet been determined

Change. Why will you succeed

О событии

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Transitions, changes and transformations are always part of our journey.

They are different:

from career to career;

from employment to free flight;

from an old role to a more complex new one;

from the old project to the new project;

from one country to another;

from today to your dream; from one level of self-realization to another.

Any transition has particularly difficult segments, they always have, even if the transition is caused by a pleasant reason, such as a promotion.

At these points it is especially difficult, it covers, disturbing thoughts overcome much more strongly, doubts thicken so that the road is visible only half a step, which way to go towards the dream, even lying in its direction seems pointless and hardly possible, and in general - “nothing I won't be able to."

someone was there, someone will be, someone is there now

Our conversation will be about this. 

About how to be there, how to help yourself get through these lower sections of the path, what can give stability when you are there, what even works and  - why you can do it.

What will be discussed:

Why sometimes it seems that nothing will work out  - how our history is being rewritten at the low points of change. What it's okay to not know when going into change, and how non-linearity works. What does not make sense to plan, and what is worth it. Why it's worth doing the weird to stop the downward spiral. What is Competency Therapy. How to create a base for new cool features. How to bring yourself back if you lost yourself on the way to yourself. What are fireproof landmarks / fireproof meanings and how to understand yours. Even if motivation is fading, how to detect its “nc” is an emergency reserve. What exactly does not work, how not to make yourself worse. In the final - what the formula for your stability on the path of change might look like. I hope that each of you will hear what is important to hear right now.

Access to the recording of this lecture will be forever so that you can re-listen when you are there. Because in the moment it is very easy to forget about all this.

What is a walk lecture?

This is a format that does not involve sitting in front of the screen (there is already too much of it). During lectures-walks, listeners not only walk, but also run, sunbathe, cook jam, clean up, lie in a hammock, cook dinner, draw, work in the country - in general, any option. Of course, it is best to walk, because walking is the coolest format for thinking, proven by numerous studies and personal experience. But this is up to you.

Technically, everything is simple - you need a charged phone, headphones and mobile Internet. 

Using the link sent to your email, you will enter the zoom conference, listen to the lecture in real time and at the end you can ask questions.

After the lecture, I will send you a summary (key thoughts) so that it is convenient for you to reflect on the material.


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