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January 15, 2022


Recording 2 hours 15 minutes



For those who will speak, write books, sell their services, promote their ideas - in a word, present themselves. Show up. 


... And who already knows from experience that at decisive moments the impostor syndrome turns on and makes life very difficult. 


At the same time (most likely) you are already an advanced "user" of the SS - a lot of things have been read, a lot of things have been thought over and tested, but the method that helps has not yet been found. You are definitely not the only one)


What is inside:



  • Let's analyze the 3 most promoted self-help approaches that do not work;
  • let's look at 6 that work, some of which are not at all obvious;
  • dig into your personal CC triggers; 
  • let's try some techniques right on the spot,


My personal goal: I want you to understand that Imposter Syndrome is not a problem. The problem is how we interact with it. I dream that you exhale at the exit, I want to give the maximum applicable benefit that will come in handy in situations that are important to you. 


Payment by RF card does not work yet, but there is a fallback option - directly to the dog shelter in Volgograd. To do this, transfer 1200 r to the Sberbank card 4276 1609 5760 8632 (Olga Viktorovna Marinina), then write to me in telegram @lena_rezanova, and I will send you a record. 

Imposter syndrome, unloading workshop

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